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Here is the application for your character on Pokeology! Please email your application to pokeology[at]gmail[dot]com.

What we're looking for:

Your character's poke-profession can be trainer, ranger, breeder, researcher, etc. Why do they have pokemon? If it is particularly unusual, please contact the moderators or your application might require a revision or be completely rejected.

Their home town can be from anywhere in the pokemon world, but their current town must be one of the ones currently open to players, however. Towns that are currently open: Veilstone, Eterna, Hearthome and Sunyshore. You can read more detailed information about them on the geography page

The history must involve the you character's history in the pokemon world, not from their canon. We want to see you adapt some of the key moments of your character's history or just make something that keeps the spirit of the character. This is a great deal of the fun of a multifandom AU. Characters get to be themselves, but just a little different.

The roleplay samples should be at least a few paragraphs but not huge blocks of text.

If you have any questions about what is a good size for an application take a look at some of the applications submitted by accepted characters posted in their character journals.

Make sure you reread all the rules before submitting your application.
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