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VEILSTONE CITY: Veilstone is a mountainous town in northeast Sinnoh. Due to its location and the fact that most of it is set on and around small, rocky plateaus, outsiders seem to find it rather cold in terms of temperature and atmosphere. The fact that most of the residents have had a somewhat isolationist view in terms of intercity relations through most of the town's history doesn't make its image any warmer. About a decade or so ago, the only outsiders that were attracted to the city were rock climbers and geologists.

Recently, though, more forward-thinking residents have attempted to make the city more welcoming. Sinnoh's largest store, the Veilstone Department Store, is quite obviously located in the city, and has done the best job of attracting visitors to the city. It has five floors, each specializing in a different area of items that would be of interest to trainers. Recently, a basement with items that pertain to contests has been added. Another recent addition is the Game Corner. While the Game Corner has a less illustrious reputation than the Department Store, it has attracted many who spend hours playing the slot machines and various card games. Many restaurants and hotels of varying quality have sprung up to handle the city's new focus on tourism.

The primary attraction for trainers is the Veilstone Gym, which is led by Maylene, who specializes in fighting-type Pokemon. Maylene is in her early teens, and happens to be somewhat cute; however, she's quite the powerhouse as both a Pokemon trainer and a martial artist. Even she's surprised by her own strength, and she's generally somewhat confused that she was made a gym leader in the first place. Still, her slight confusion over her position doesn't keep her from training even more, and her determination is unaffected. She is well-liked by the town's residents due to her hardworking nature and the fact that she's done a fairly good job of taking care of the city.

Veilstone used to be the location of the Team Galactic headquarters. However, about six months ago, the company sealed up all its entrances with concrete and moved to Eterna City. They said it was because the energy they had produced there had toxic aftereffects. Still, the warning hasn't kept curious children from snooping around outside, and some swear that they can hear noises coming from inside the building...

ETERNA CITY: One of the oldest cities of Sinnoh, it was made in honour of the ancient Pokemon that inhabits the region. Despite the time that has passed though and the many things have changed from what it used to be, what is important has not - or so people hope anyway. The entire city itself is a speaker of many tales and legends from lifetimes ago, though many members of the newer generation are unaware of the many stories that are famous in the area. Despite this however, many travelers far and wide have come here in search of information and knowledge of the countless stories that can only be heard within this town, even if it may take a while to actually get it.

Aside from the legends, there are other many well-known facilities and places of interest in the area. One of them notably is the Eterna Condominiums, where a decent part of the population lives in and the building superintendent himself is always one who takes his work seriously - always ensuring that he maintains a vigilant twenty-four hour watch, though how exactly he does that is another question altogether. The official Name Rater of the region lives there too, and many have come to him in need for his critique of the nicknames of their Pokemon as well as to rename them, if need be.

Another well known place is the all-famous Red Rickshaw's Cycle Shop, the biggest producer and distributor of foldable bicycles that every Trainer and traveler must have on their journeys. Though it's famous and many flock to it for its foldable and highly usable bicycles, the manager is one man known for his kindheartedness and sells his products cheaply to his customers with a warm smile. Its latest bicycle model allows users to shift gears as well, allowing greater functionality and more flexibility at the same time.

Right beside the local Pokemon Center lies the also equally famous Underground Man's House, where the somewhat eccentric Underground Man lives. Well known for his extensive knowledge about the Sinnoh Underground, he never fails to help a trainer in need and gives out Explorer Kits to all who are interested exploring those extensive and endless network of tunnels. He also offers good advice for those who have trouble getting used to or navigating those confusing tunnels and is more than happy to lend a helping hand for anyone so long as they have the interest in Sinnoh's famous Underground.

Of course, this place is more than just a hub for legends and cyclists and all that whatnot. The Eterna Gym is managed and led by the Gym Leader Gardenia who specializes in Grass type Pokemon. The inside of a gym can be practically called a forest, and in order to battle the leader the trainers are made to make their way though the artificial forest (which is as twisted and confounding as the real forest) to find the three trainers hidden within the place and battle them one by one in proper order before they are qualified to fight the leader. Gardenia himself is no pushover either - despite her uplifting and somewhat easy-going personality, it's clear that her title as Eterna's city gym leader is nothing to be joked about. Though many usually take advantage of the grass type's natural weakness to fire, it'll still be a tough battle for Gardenia certainly won't back down so easily.

Though Gardenia is usually found in the gym, but when she has to train she'd be more often than not be found in the nearby and surprisingly vast Eterna Forest that lies west from Eterna and on the path to and fro from Floaroma Town. Home to many assorted Grass and Bug type Pokemon, it's a must go for lovers of those two types - though the place does have its fair share of other Pokemon as well. Many families come here often for a good old fashioned picnic, though they have to be wary of the Wild Pokemon that may attack them. In this place of great calm and serene tranquility, it is said that even 'time stands still' in this place - what this phrase might possibly imply though is perhaps something worth to be pondered about.

Right south of the city is the famous Cycling Road, where many cyclists come in order to test their strengths and natural abilities of cycling here. Built on a slope, the way from Eterna is an easy ride down, but the way back from there us another story altogether. Bicycle accidents are also somewhat common here due to the hasty and impulsive natures of many of the cyclists. Some cyclists here also lurk around in search of trainers to battle with when they need a break from their exercise. Due to the many cyclists that pass through this place, Eterna City itself is littered with many bicycle stands for the people to use.

On the eastern edge lies a mysterious Pokemon statue said to have been the centerpiece of many festivals held in the city just a few decades ago. However the tradition has long since stopped due to the modernization of the new generation, and the statue while still up to attract travelers with its myths and fables, has long since been neglected by the local youngsters of the city. Beyond that lies Route 211 that goes all the way to the famous Mt. Coronet, which has its own equal share of legends and stories.

As peaceful as Eterna City is, it did have its fair share of trouble in the whole mess with Team Galactic just about a year ago - the building that was once theirs still stands and looms over the city even until today, though it is generally viewed more positively now that Saturn has moved Team Galactic headquarters there and is attempting to reform the Team's image. It's currently under renovations, as it was previously too small to accommodate all the research facilities that Team Galactic is using, but work still goes on in the limited space they have.

HEARTHOME CITY: Hearthome City is well known as a friendly town and vacation spot for the well traveled Trainer. With various attractions and sights, some even decide to stay permanently, running the Park or frequenting the Pokemon Fan Club. Perhaps the most famous and visited spot is the Contest Hall, which can attract crowds rivaling even the League. Want to make your fortune with your Pokemon outside the classic battle? Here’s the place to start…

The largest and most impressive building in Hearthome is probably the Contest Hall. A huge domed building right in the center of town, there always seems to be people coming and going. The contests are held pretty regularly and can get pretty heated. Various types of contests are held here, focusing on different aspects of raising and performing with Pokemon. A cute Pokemon who might not be the strongest battler can make its name here and gain quite the fan following. In fact, regular winners here have entire fan clubs devoted to them! While a contest ribbon might not be as tough looking as a badge, it can earn quite a bit of respect in the right circles, especially among other coordinators.

The Pokemon Fan Club has it headquarters here. The building is always bustling with fans and their Pokemon, especially during contests. The club is considered the best place to brag about your Pokemon, and you can tell if you’ve made it based on how many people there know your name. Fanboys and fangirls of various trainers, especially those that also compete in Contests, tend to hang around here, debating their favorites. One can also get a good idea of the fads around Sinnoh by asking the right questions around here.

The Poffin House is a self serve bakery and home to the best Poffins in Sinnoh. Trainers can come here to make their own homemade baked berry treats for themselves or their pokemon. The lazy trainer can probably buy a poffin or two or even a pokeblock candy, but there’s nothing quite like doing it yourself… if you have any cooking skills at least.

Amity Square is a well known park that allows Pokemon to roam freely with their trainers. People often come here to mingle, have picnics or enjoy nature. For a while, larger, “scarier” Pokemon were not allowed to move freely inside, but eventually calls of unfairness changed the park rules. Battles are NOT allowed here, and well disguised guards wander around to keep that rule enforced.

The Cathedral, more popularly known as the Foreign Building due to the fact that its architecture is different from most buildings in Sinnoh, is a place of quiet and worship. The building is considered by many to be rather beautiful with its stained-glass windows and subtle architecture. Here, people come to find peace with the flow of life. Some people come here to wish for blessings for loved ones or to pray for those now gone.

The hotel is known for being rather swanky, and is almost always full with coordinators and other visistors to Hearthome. The workers here are always busy, but get paid pretty well for dealing with rowdy trainers.

Hearthome Gym is run by Fantina, a Ghost type specialist and famous coordinator. Her gym is almost always pitch black, both to confuse challengers and to give the ghost Pokemon the advantage in battle. The halls are lit with eerie blue lights and the doors are locked with puzzles. Many trainers lose heart before reaching the Fantina, but those that do have something to brag about. Fantina herself is often found at the Contest Hall when she’s not accepting gym challenges, and many trainers have been stalled in Hearthome waiting for her to return.

Route 209, the area between Hearthome and Solaceon, is known for the Lost Tower, a memorial to Pokemon who have passed on. Many trainers come here to pray for their lost friends, and the place is often haunted by Ghost Pokemon. Fantina is said to train here. Grievers can often be seen here, and while catching the Ghosts here is acceptable, being too disrupting is seen as the highest disrespect.

The area around Hearthome is known for it’s lovely rivers, and it's a common fishing spot. Many bridges make the travel from one city to the next much quicker, but those that linger have a chance to see some wonderfully relaxing scenery. The area coming from Mt. Coronet is rockier then the area heading towards Solaceon, but still has its own rugged charm.

SUNYSHORE CITY: Located on the eastern edge of Sinnoh, Sunyshore is a perfect example of beautiful land, sea and sky. Although all of Sinnoh is environmentally conscious, Sunyshore takes it to the extreme. The entire city is run on solar energy, collected by thousands of solar cells strung on walkways above the city. The walkways themselves are one of the most unique architectural details of the city and, although there are roads that wind and twist throughout the whole city, there is a second, duplicate set that twine through the sky. On nice days, the upper routes are just as popular, if not more so, than the beaches for sunbathers, tanners or just people spending time outside.

Although Sunyshore boasts the usual assortment of Pokemon Centers, PokeMarts, regular stores, craft stores, and boardwalk arcades, there are a few things that make it distinctly Sunyshore. Although it is not an architectural marvel, the lighthouse on the eastern shore is a popular tourist destination. It's said on a clear day you can see Fiore and some of the other eastern regions from the roof. Sunyshore also has the Sunyshore Market, home of a number of vendors who mostly deal in meat and produce meat and produce. However, the Sunyshore Market also boasts the region.s largest supplier of Pokemon seals, which are vital for any coordinator. The first-and largest-ranger base in Sinnoh is also located nearby. It coordinates rangers all across the eastern part of the continent. Rounding out the city is the Sunyshore Gym, run by Volkner.

Volkner is a teen prodigy who specializes in electric Pokemon. He can occasionally be brooding and introspective, but above all else he loves a good fight. Despite his age, he's one of the stronger trainers in Sinnoh and he becomes bored when he hasn't had a good challenge in a while. When this occurs, he's prone to simply leave the gym closed to spend time on the beach or at the lighthouse rather than doing his gym duties. When there is a threat to the well-being of the town, however, he can be relied on to help.

The area around Sunyshore is mostly taken up by water and beaches, perfect for fishing, swimming and surfing, to the west a small strip of road heads towards Lake Valor. There are a few fancy restaurants and hotels in the area, some forests and fields, but no particularly rocky or mountainous terrain.

SINNOH UNDERGROUND: Under almost every inch of soil in Sinnoh there is an elaborate network of caves and tunnels called the Underground. It is vast and easy to get lost in, but younger trainers often claim sections for secret hideaways, especially if they are too young to afford a home or condo in one of the cities. Trainers often sleep there for the night and then head up to a nearby Pokemon Center to actually shower and change for the day.

Although it is technically possible to get to and from most areas of Sinnoh completely underground, because of the distance, the danger of cave ins and the issue of having enough food for both trainers and Pokemon, people enter and exit the Underground in the same area. Hikers and other trainers often spend their days down in the Underground, hoping to find their fortunes by digging up the various valuables hidden there..

Some of the more common underground Pokemon can be found in the area, and trainers who favor rock and ground Pokemon can find them here.

Players in Pokeology may maintain and Underground base, but starting one can be difficult, and it doesn't have all the comforts of home. However, it's still a cost effective way for younger trainers to carve out a chunk of Sinnoh to call their own.
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