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Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions for the mods, please feel free to post them here. Questions that we feel are common will likely be added to the main post, more specialized questions and their answers will remain in the comments.

Can I have a legendary Pokemon?: No. It's not fair to other players, and in the manga and anime, legendaries are almost never captured and only rarely form partnerships with exceptional trainers.

How about other really rare Pokemon? (Gible, Larvitar, etc): Although you can catch almost anything in the video games, these Pokemon will be staying as a rare find. Younger trainers will probably never have even seen one and older trainers might have met only one in their lives.

But what if I want a Pokemon that's not found in the areas I'm limited to?: We aren't being completely strict with where each Pokemon is found; however, please keep it reasonable. Pokemon that should be found in mountains wouldn't be found out on the ocean.

Can I have more than one of the traditional starter Pokemon, like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander?: You can catch the traditional starter Pokemon out in the wild, but please: no teams filled only with starters. In a free form RP, the neat Pokemon that wouldn't usually get attention can really shine.

Can I play as a talking pokemon?: In general: No. A special exception might be able to be made, but this will definitely not be allowed for a first character.

Can I play as a gym leader/Elite Four member/Pokemon League Champion?: Yes. You can play canon gym leaders or champions. We are not allowing gym leaders, Pokemon League Champions, or Elite Four members from other fandoms at the moment, but this may change in the future. We will not allow gym leaders from Sinnoh as a player's first character. They are an important part of their cities, and we must be sure the player is able to take on the IC and OOC responsibilities that would come with such a position. However, it's fine to apply as gym leaders from Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn without applying for any previous characters.

Can I play Cyrus? No. His absence is part of the plot, and playing him would require even more IC and OOC responsibilities than one of the gym leaders. We may allow someone to play Cyrus in the future, but at this point, he is unappable.

What if my character's a nonhuman in canon? (ex. Fox McCloud, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, etc): Players can apply from a series where their character would normally be an anthropomorphic animal or a robot, but they will have to be human in game. You may use icons from their canon, however, instead of having to use human icons. This is not to say you can't use human icons; if you are artistically inclined, there is official art of a human version of the character, or you get someone's permission to use their fanart, you can use icons of those. However, we do request that you don't use PBs.

If the character I want to play is in his late teens and I want to play him as a starting trainer, can I de-age him?: Sure! We actually encourage this. Pokemon training is generally geared towards preteens. However, if you choose to go this route, do not change the character's core personality.

In my canon my character has some really amazing super-powers, can he/she have them here?: In the Pokemon world, most characters do not have any special abilities on that sort. We do allow characters to be psychic and vaguely telekinetic if there is canon support for this. We do not want to see everyone asking to be psychic, however. It must make sense, and for the most part we encourage characters to be completely normal.

Why can't I go to the other towns and cities in the Sinnoh region?: As more players and characters enter the game and it becomes easier to know there will be players around and characters won't be spread out too thinly, we will allow travel to other towns and cities. You are not stuck in the city, however; the surrounding routes are also open for your characters to get in trouble on.

Can I have a hideout in the Underground?: Yes. Be sure to invite your friends!

Can I roleplay romantic relationships?: Yes; however, please keep in mind that most of the characters will be teenagers. We also have a maximum rating of PG-13 for romance and a R rating for language, violence or thematic elements. This is not a roleplay for sex scenes, so please do not post sexual material in the main community. You may use your character journals with adult content filters if you are interested in RPing scenes rated higher than PG-13 with another player.

What does Multifandom AU mean?: It means that your characters have always lived in the Pokemon world. They weren't brought here by technology or a ship or a strange supernatural occurrence. They're used to Pokemon and have grown up living with them their whole lives. Your character's history will be different from what it was in canon in order to make them a part of the world.

So ... what should I do here?: We will have routine special events and we do have an over-arching plot, but for the most part, just enjoy yourself and roleplay with others. If you have a big plot idea, go for it, but make sure you run it by the mods first! We're busy and we love having players bring events to us.
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