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There are a few rules here, most of them are common sense, please read them through completely.

Log posts in pokeology_logs should use the following format:

Journal posts in pokeology_rp are more free form, but make sure it's clear if the post is public or private to certain users. Also when you post in either pokeology_rp or pokeology_logs, please do tag the post with the name of your character.

No godmodding: Your characters are human; thus, they will lose a battle every now and then. Please be prepared to lose occasionally and take losing with grace OOCly.

Be a good sport: Don't cause any drama and don't be a jerk. It's just a game. Everyone is here to have fun and play in the wonderful world of Pokemon. Ask other players before trying to start plots with them. If you are going to have a Pokemon battle, try to decide who is going to win beforehand and only come to a moderator as a last resort. Don't take losing personally. Even the best Pokemon trainers lose sometimes. Remember, your character's actions will have IC consequences, so don't complain if bad IC behavior comes back to haunt your character.

Communicate with the moderators: The moderators would love to hear from you. We welcome plot ideas, suggestions, comments and concerns. You can always send us a line over AIM (available in the friend's locked player contact post) or by making a complaint to the moderator contact post. Sometimes moderators will ask you not to run a plot or not to do something not specifically outlined as being against the rules. We need to make sure the game stays fun and friendly for everyone, and sometimes that means asking players not to do certain things. If you have a concern about it, please talk it through with us and we'll be happy to explain our reasoning and listen to any thoughts you have on the subject.

Be active: We will have activity checks approximately monthly. You must make at least one log post, one forum post OR fifteen forum comments to someone else's post every two weeks. You may post private entries for your character, however they do not count towards activity checks. You can post a hiatus in the Hiatus post. This is not a particularly stringent activity requirement. If we notice players are constantly dropping logs and not making any substantive progress on them we will ask you to increase your activity. It's not fair to other players to start up logs or forum conversations with players who never see them through to the end.

You may play up to four characters: Each character may have no more than six Pokemon on hand. You are permitted to store Pokemon in the PC or send Pokemon back to labs like in the games/anime. However, Pokemon should be partners. Any changes to your on hand lineup should be run by the moderators in our Pokemon Request Page. Despite what may occur in certain Pokemon based manga, owning legendary Pokemon is not permitted.

Be In Character: Although what "in character" means can be somewhat subjective there are obvious things that go against certain character's personalities. Do not use AU as an excuse to be out of character. Do not use this roleplay only to play relationships or porn. Additionally, to prove you have read the rules, please include the phrase 'aim for the horn' somewhere in your writing samples in your application.

No Graphic Sexual Content: For romance/sex, this roleplay has a PG-13 rating. Under no circumstances should you post a log with any sexual content that would be rated as an R or higher. If you want to roleplay this material, please do so in private.

No OCs. No Canon OCs. No Real People: We do not allow original characters in game. We also do not allow characters that only appear in a few pages of one chapter of a comic or manga. This is on a moderator determined basis. If we deny a character because of lack of canon you are welcome to provide us with material to counter our decision. No Matt from Death Note. You may not play as a real person.

You may play canon Pokemon characters: You may play someone from the Pokemon Special manga, the Magical Pokemon Journey manga, the anime, or any other Pokemon adaptation or spinoff that has a coherent plot and enough characterization to qualify for the game. We encourage you to play characters from other fandoms, though. That's the main point of a multifandom game.

No duplicate characters: If there are characters with two versions from different canons (like Giovanni from the Pokemon Special manga or the anime, or characters from Tsubasa or Kingdom Hearts that also come from an original game) one version of the character may be in game. In cases like the protagonists and rival characters in Pokemon Special who have differently-named equivalents in the anime (such as Green and Gary), the mods will make the final judgment on whether or not they qualify as different characters.

Use the game setting in your samples: Please do not write your samples as though your character is in their home setting. In this game, they are part of the Pokemon world and always have been.
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